Thinkbox Artist Tools for Autodesk Products Are Now Open Source

AWS Thinkbox plugins Krakatoa MY and XMesh MY for Autodesk Maya and Krakatoa MX, XMesh MX, Frost MX, and Stoke MX for Autodesk 3ds Max are now available under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

Digital Content Creation on AWS

A set of solutions that help creative studios scale rendering workloads, workstations for artists and editors, and storage workloads for hybrid or full cloud pipelines.

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Deadline 10.3

AWS Thinkbox Deadline is a hassle-free hybrid administration and compute management software for Windows, Linux, and mac OS based render farms, supporting more than 80 different content creation applications out of the box.

Image Courtesy of Territory Studios

AWS Thinkbox Products

AWS Thinkbox creates products and solutions for creative professionals whether you are working on-premises, hybrid, or completely in the cloud

AWS Thinkbox Sequoia is no longer available for download. If you have a question about Sequoia support, please visit this page and click on the "raise a support ticket" link.

Customer Stories

Image Courtesy of Method Studios

"We have been using Deadline for 15 years and have a longstanding relationship with the Thinkbox team. They’re always very gracious with their time and were integral in getting us up and running in terms of planning our networking and infrastructure, and setting up the Amazon virtual private cloud."

Adam Jones
Head of Information Technology @ Method Melbourne

"One of the really interesting things we discovered about using Amazon EC2 resources is that the CPUs were extremely fast. We found the AWS C5 instances to be about 30 percent faster than the comparable resources we used in the past"

Chad Dombrova
Head of Software
Milk VFXImage Courtesy of Milk VFX

“Given our tight post-production turnaround, AWS was essential to help get through the volume and sheer variety of work, from creatures to environments to effects. In particular, EC2 resources were used to render complex shots in scenes that required a lot of creative iteration”

Benoit Leveau
Head of Pipeline and Systems
Image Courtesy of Framestore

"It is pivotal for us to have the burst capacity that AWS gives us and in a secure environment. We wouldn’t be able to complete many of our sensitive, high resource projects otherwise, and the expertise of the AWS Thinkbox team was integral in implementing our hybrid workflow"

David Bees
Lead System Engineer in LA
Image Courtesy of Tangent Animation

“We’ve always used Deadline for managing resources on premises, but our per hour compute costs are so low, we weren’t sure if the cloud was the right option for us until it became clear we needed a lot more CPU to get the job done. We couldn’t have hit our deadlines without AWS.”

Jeff Bell
COO and Co-founder
Image Courtesy of Scanline VFX

“Deadline is wholly integral to our business. Literally, every single image we create, which ends up on the big screen, is done so with the help of Deadline. It’s flexible and allows us to quickly modify and extend the system to suit the needs of individual projects.”

Maxx Lee
Head of Engineering

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