Studio in the Cloud

Virtual Workstations. Cloud Rendering. Storage Solutions.
Image Courtesy of Milk VFX

The Most Scalable Solutions for Creative Professionals

Studio in the Cloud is a set of solutions that help creative studios scale rendering workloads, workstations for artists and editors, and storage workloads for hybrid or full cloud pipelines. AWS supports the broadest set of artist tools with per-minute licensing available on the AWS Thinkbox Marketplace and provides unmatched security and compliance for content creation on the public cloud.

Virtual Workstations

Tap into creative talent almost anywhere in the world.

Cloud Rendering

Scale your rendering pipeline with near infinite compute resources.

Storage Solutions

Choose the best storage and file systems for your pipeline.


Untold Studios

Born in the Cloud

Untold Studios is the very first creative studio completely born in the cloud. Partnering with the AWS Thinkbox team, Untold set up their new studio without any on-premises infrastructure. 

Hear from Sam Reid, Head of Technology at Untold Studios.

Scale your creativity

Virtual Workstations

Scale creative talent up and down at a moment’s notice for a specific project or time duration with virtual workstations on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4 instances. AWS's global footprint with more availability zones and regions than any other cloud provider enables access to creative talent almost anywhere in the world. Artists can work securely on AWS using streaming applications such as Teradici or NICE DCV.

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Scale your superpowers

Rendering on AWS

Using the cloud for rendering workloads means artists are spending more time iterating to improve their shot or scene, and less time waiting for their renders to finish. When studios integrate their rendering pipeline with AWS, they can scale rendering workloads to thousands, or even tens of thousands, of cores in minutes. They can also scale down just as quickly as they scale up, providing incredible compute elasticity and cost control.

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Scale your studio

Storage solutions on AWS

AWS delivers the best solutions for data storage and transfer. Utilizing cloud storage for virtual workstations, in particular, keeps your assets flexible with the ability to archive or render when you need to and prevents potentially high egress costs and latency issues.

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Tangent Animation

Rendering 3 million hours in 30 days

Tangent Animation used AWS Thinkbox to scale compute resources using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), rendering 3 million hours in 30 days, for the film Next Gen. Find out how the studio leveraged the ability to scale compute to get their artist's the material they need back faster and help them manage big workloads with quick turnaround.

Studio in the Cloud Resources

Hands-on tutorials to help you take production to the Cloud

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Virtual Workstations. Cloud Rendering. Storage Solutions.
Image Courtesy of Milk VFX