Simplify particle simulations

Image Courtesy of JF-Arts

Create particle simulations faster

The easy-to-use particle simulator for Autodesk 3ds Max. AWS Thinkbox Stoke includes an extensible procedural geometry modifier, adding artist-friendly channel-editing workflows similar to node-based image compositing applications.

stoke rainbow particle pixel burst rainbow green pinkImage Courtesy of JF-Arts

Artist-friendly procedural geometry modifier

The Stoke toolset includes an extensible procedural geometry modifier (previously known as Genome). Designed to be usable by artists without programming or scripting experience, the modifier provides optimized geometry and particle lookup operations not available in the 3ds Max SDK.

stoke new rainbow circle pixel particleImage Courtesy of JF-Arts


Multiple input sources

Supports sources including simulations from FumeFX, Particle Flow, Cebas thinkingParticles, 3ds Max Force Space Warps, and formats like PRT and RealFlow BIN.

Field manipulation

A set of powerful field manipulation tools enabling the creation and simulation of new fields including velocity fields, the loading and saving of field data using industry standard formats, the editing of existing fields and the integration of field data with 3ds Max sub-systems like Particle Flow, MassFX, Hair & Fur, Materials, most renderers, and more.

Works with Krakatoa

Compatible with AWS Thinkbox Krakatoa, the high-volume particle renderer and its various components, including PRT Loader and other PRT objects, Magma and delete modifiers, particle data viewer, etc.