Getting started with Deadline

1. Download

If you are new to AWS Thinkbox Deadline, or are upgrading to a new version, first download the Deadline installers from the AWS Thinkbox Downloads website. Use your existing AWS Account or Amazon Account to access the downloads, or create a new account.

2. Obtain license

If you need a trial license to test Deadline on more than 2 render nodes, or if you are upgrading and need an updated Deadline license, please contact AWS Thinkbox Sales. If you prefer to use Usage Based Licensing instead of a traditional floating license, visit the AWS Thinkbox Marketplace to purchase render time.

Deadline for 2 nodes or less:

Deadline can be used on up to 2 render nodes without requiring a license. If you are only using Deadline on 1 or 2 render nodes, you can skip ahead to the next step.

3. Install

When you are ready to install Deadline, visit this Installation section of the Deadline User Manual to get setup.

If you have received a license file from Thinkbox Sales, or have purchased Usage Based Licensing, this section will also cover license configuration.

4. Configure and go!

Once Deadline is installed, refer to the following sections to configure your Deadline farm for rendering and submit your first job!

Application configuration

Submitting jobs

Monitor Jobs

Having trouble?

From installation to deep customization, there are multiple support resources available to help you along your journey.