Recreating the Old Deadline Job Monitor

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Version: Deadline 9.0


Lance Allen is a new artist at Cool Studio, which uses Deadline 9 for its render farm management. Prior to joining, he was working at a company that was still using Deadline 5, so he was excited to start using the latest iteration of Deadline. The first thing he does is open up the Deadline Monitor.

Woah! There's a lot of information there. While all this information could be useful to him, he has fond memories of the old Job Monitor tool from Deadline 5. It was a simple tool that allowed him to pay attention to specific jobs at a glance, but was removed in Deadline 6 when the new customizable Monitor interface was introduced.

He would like the option to switch to a similar layout in Deadline 9 when he just wants a simple overview of his jobs. Luckily, he has already read our previous blog post on Monitor layouts, and is ready to create a layout similar to the Job Monitor of old!


There was only one thing the old Job Monitor contained, and that was the jobs. That means he doesn't need the Slave panel nor the Task panel, so Lance closes them by clicking the [X] button in the top right corner of the panels. Now, only the Jobs panel remains. He also chooses to hide the Main Toolbar to keep as little on his screen as possible, which he does by disabling View -> Main Toolbar in the Monitor.

Next, the only Jobs that Lance wants in this layout are his own. In the old Job Monitor, he would have had to add each job manually. But now he can use the power of filters to make it easy to display the exact information that he needs. In the Jobs panel, he clicks on the Filter button in the top left corner of the Jobs panel to open up the Filters panel. Then he finds the User section under Quick Filters, clicks Select All to deselect everything, and then clicks Me (lance.allen) to only show his jobs. He then clicks the Filter button again to hide the Filters panel.

Lance also prefers how the old Job Monitor didn't show job batches, so he clicks the drop down menu in the top left corner of the Jobs panel and disables the Job Batch Grouping option.


Lance is getting closer to having that old Job Monitor look, but the Job Monitor only showed the job name and the task progress. Lance likes this because the only information that he needs at a quick glance is how far along his jobs are. So he right-clicks on a column header in the Jobs panel and selects Customize.

This brings up a window that lets him specify which columns are visible and which are hidden. He places Job Name and Task Progress in the list on the right, and places everything else in the hidden list on the left.

After clicking OK, his Monitor layout now looks like this.

There's still something missing though. In the old Job Monitor, he could get additional information about a job by hovering the mouse pointer over it, which isn't supported in Deadline 9. However, it's easy to have something similar by opening the Job Details panel and snapping it beside the Jobs panel.


Lance now has that old Job Monitor look he likes, but he would like to make it easy to quickly switch to it whenever he wants. So he simply selects View -> Pinned Layouts -> Pin Current Layout and names it Job Monitor. Now, he can just select the Job Monitor layout at any time.

Lance was able to create the layout he wanted by following a few simple steps. If you want a similar layout, or want to create something completely unique, you now have all the tools you need!