Monitor Options: User Settings

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Version: Deadline 8.0


Going to keep this one short but sweet. As part of our ongoing series on the Deadline Monitor Options (see Part 1 and Part 2), we’ll be taking a closer look at the User Settings.

The User Settings have two primary purposes:

  • To define the notification settings that Deadline uses to contact users about their jobs.
  • To define the authentication settings that Deadline uses in a couple scenarios.

This blog entry will cover both! To start, open the Deadline Monitor and open up the Monitor Options from the main toolbar.

The Monitor Options can also be opened on Windows and Linux by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting Options. On Mac OS X, select DeadlineMonitor and then Preferences.

This will bring up the Monitor Options window, and you can select the User Settings page.


There is a good chance that if you’re submitting jobs to Deadline, you’d like to be notified when those jobs are finished. That’s precisely what the Notification Settings are for! In fact, you can also receive notifications if your job fails, if it accumulates a certain number of error messages, or if it times out. Simply check the boxes for the types of notifications you want to receive.

In addition, you can override your notification settings on a per-job basis. Simply navigate to the Job Notifications page in the Job Properties, and use the override option at the bottom.

Finally, there are two ways to get notified.

Via Email

To receive updates via email, first talk to your System Administrator to ensure Deadline is configured to send emails. After that, simply specify your Email Address and set the Send Email Notifications option to True.

Via Popup Message

Popup messages are sent to the Deadline Launcher running on your machine, so you need to ensure it’s running to receive popup messages. In addition, it cannot be running as a service. Once those conditions are met, simply specify the host name of your machine in the Machine Name setting, and then set the Send Popup Notifications option to True.

The popup notifications will look something like this:


There are a couple cases where your authentication settings are needed.

Rendering Jobs as Users

If your System Administrator has configured Deadline to render jobs using their user’s environment, these settings are used to authenticate you.

For Linux or Mac OS X render nodes, only your user name is required. This is because the Deadline Worker will be running as root, and will simply drop down to your user account. On Windows, your account domain and password are also required.

Connecting to the Web Service

If your System Administrator has set up the Deadline Web Service, and they’ve configured it to require authentication, this is the password that you’ll use along with your Deadline user name to authenticate.


Ah, yes, that Enable Ability To Change Default Repository Option option at the bottom. This option controls how Deadline will change the default Repository when you connect to a different Repository in the Monitor. When you change to a new Repository, the action taken by Deadline will depend on the chosen option:

  • Ask: A message will ask you whether or not you want to set the new Repository as the default Repository.
  • Always: The new Repository will always be set as the default Repository.
  • Never: The default Repository will never be changed to the new Repository.


Like I said at the beginning, short but sweet! There really isn’t much else we can say about the User Settings. Keep an eye out for Part 4 of the Monitor Options series though, where we’ll cover Styles and how you can use them to customize your user interface!