Announcing Render Farm Deployment Kit on AWS

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Reliably, repeatedly, and easily spin up all your render farm resources on AWS using high level programming languages like Python

Today we announce the general availability of the Render Farm Deployment Kit (RFDK), an open-source software development kit (SDK) that can be used to deploy, configure, and manage your render farm infrastructure on AWS. Built for the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), RFDK models the cloud components of your render farm infrastructure as succinct code. Deploying a render farm on the cloud can be a daunting task that involves sorting through many options for how to deploy a render farm that best suits your needs. AWS Thinkbox Deadline provides the AWS Portal for customers to connect burst render nodes on the cloud to their on-premises render farm with built-in asset transfer. For customers that require a customized architecture, prefer a specific storage solution, or who want to exert more control over the deployment of their cloud render resources, we are now offering RFDK. Available today from GitHub, NPM, and PyPi, RFDK launches with support for AWS Thinkbox Deadline to make it easier to deploy and configure the AWS Services that your render farm is built on.

As an open source library, you can modify RFDK to deploy other render managers such as OpenCue. You can customize your cloud render farm deployments to suit your needs while benefitting from default constructs that make it easy to follow best practices. RFDK automatically rolls back if an error occurs during the deployment of any of the components of your render farm so your farm is never launched in a broken state. You can customize your networking, such as providing your own VPN, use your preferred storage solution, and configure your render farm from a short Python application making it easy to repeat deployments across multiple regions.  

RFDK provides constructs for the AWS CDK that deploy and configure components of your cloud-based render farm, making it faster to manually deploy for your farm on AWS by reducing ten thousand of lines of AWS CloudFormation code to two hundred lines in Python. These high-level constructs are pre-configured and ready to use to reliably and repeatedly deploy render farm infrastructure including networking, storage, and render queue components.

Today, RFDK supports Python and Typescript with pre-configured constructs for AWS Thinkbox Deadline 10.1.9 and later.

To find out more, please visit our documentation.

Get RFDK from the following package repositories: GitHub | NPM | PyPi