Additional instances available in License-Free Mode

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Deadline’s License-Free Mode now allows users to run up to ten Deadline Workers without requiring a license – that’s ten Deadline render nodes completely free of charge! We hope that this will afford users the ability to test Deadline on multiple machines before deploying to their entire farm alongside the ability to utilize any extra machines for additional rendering.

How does it work?

In order for License-Free Mode to work, only ten Deadline Worker instances can exist in your farm. These Worker instances can be on separate machines, or on the same machine. But once an eleventh Worker is added to the farm, you will then need a valid license for each Worker instance – including the initial ten. If you accidentally add an eleventh Worker instance, you will need to delete one from the Deadline Monitor before License-Free Mode can work again (even if one or more of the Worker instances are offline).

For more information on Deadline Licensing, please see the full Release Notes here: