About AWS Thinkbox

AWS Thinkbox helps creative studios and visual artists scale your creativity on premises, hybrid, or on the cloud. AWS Thinkbox develops Deadline, a high-volume compute management software application that helps studios optimize and scale their compute resources, as well as a series of 3D plugins and applications that help artists and studios tackle complex looks and tasks. By providing a conduit to AWS and near-limitless compute capacity, AWS Thinkbox helps creative professionals scale up and down elastically while maintaining artistic control of your project.

AWS Thinkbox tools have been at the core of award winning projects, music videos, commercials, and hundreds of hours of creative content spanning film, broadcast, commercial, marketing, games, and web content. In addition to Media & Entertainment, AWS Thinkbox tools are used in the Architecture (CAD/CAM), Engineering, Manufacturing, and non-clinical Medical Visualization industries to create, visualize, and modify datasets as large as city streets and as small as microscopic cells.

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